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Sandy Ratterman

Executive Director

sandy@hopefaithministries.org   816.471.4673 ext. 329

Sandra (Sandy) Ratterman recently joined the team at Hope Faith Ministries as the Executive Director after having been Secretary of the Board of Directors since October 2014.  Sandy has a BSBA degree with a major in Accounting from the University of Central Missouri and has worked as an accountant for Metcraft Industries (as a general accountant), Block & Company (as a property accountant) and with Lioness Realty (as the Controller).  Sandy is not new to working with the homeless as she and her husband, Joe, started their own non-profit in 2004 called Hope in the Streets which is a mobile feeding unit that has been feeding and providing necessities to the homeless in downtown KC who are living under bridges and in the wooded areas for the past twelve years.  She brings a unique perspective through this work as well as a strong business background to the organization and is really excited about the great things that have been and will be happening at Hope Faith Ministries.

Janis Ricker

Finance and Business Director

janis@hopefaithministries.org   816.471.4673 ext. 328

Janis Ricker has worked for both international and domestic non-profit organizations for 10 years. Janis co-founded a non-profit for education and reconciliation in the country of South Sudan, and has worked in the securities compliance and investment planning industry for 25 years in Kansas City, Chicago and Indianapolis.  She is a past president of the Kansas City Securities Association and a board member of JumpStart South Sudan.  Janis completed the Accredited Asset Management Specialist designation from the College for Financial Planning and graduated from Kansas City College of Medical Assistants.  

Janis enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and intercessory prayer.  She says, “God led me to the heart of the city to be immersed in ministry to the homeless.”

Cristi Smith

Volunteer and Donations Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

cristi@hopefaithministries.org    816.471.4673 ext. 327

Cristi Smith graduated from Mid-America Christian University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Specialized Ministry with an emphasis in inner-city missions and family counseling.  From 2006 through 2011, she worked with students with special needs, including severe autism, multiple disabilities, and severe behavioral and emotional disorders.  For the next 18 months, she served as Executive Assistant and Credentials Coordinator for Illinois State Ministries, overseeing the credentialing of Church of God pastors, while helping oversee and support 97 Churches and the planning and administration of 20 events, camps and retreats. Cristi joined Hope Faith Ministries in July 2013 as Volunteer and Donations Coordinator. She is responsible for scheduling and overseeing volunteers and administrating the New Beginnings Furniture Ministry.

After multiple mission trips to Honduras, Cristi felt led to be a full-time missionary in an impoverished community.   She says, “At Hope Faith Ministries, I found my Honduras!”  Her musical gifts and special skills in sign language and braille are invaluable to caring for many of the homeless men, women and children Hope Faith serves.

Terri Kinney

Meals and Nutrition Coordinator

blanscettd@gmail.com    816.471.4673 ext. 302

Terri Kinney has a history in restaurant management and owned a bakery in the late 1990's. From 1998 through 2005, she was the office manager for a chiropractic office. During these years, Terri volunteered for a domestic violence shelter and as a child advocate. Her passion for helping others led her to volunteer as a life coach at Hope Faith for close to 4 years. In July 2014, Terri was hired as the Meals and Nutrition Coordinator for the organization. She is responsible for feeding up to 18,000 homeless individuals each month.

In 2014,Terri earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from National American University in Kansas City. She plans to begin a master's program in pastoral counseling in Fall 2015. She says, “I sat on my lawn as a child watching all our belongings being taken from our home because my single mother couldn't pay the bills. Having experienced extreme poverty, I understand that there's a need for understanding when working with poor and homeless.”

Katie Eck

Development Director       

katie@hopefaithministries.org   816.471.4673 ext. 306

Katie has served nearly 20 years in non-profit administration. For
five years, beginning in early 2008, Katie was Director of Hillcrest Hope
Transitional Housing whose mission is to move homeless families and
individuals to self-sufficiency through a 90-day high accountability
program. Just prior to joining the team at Hope Faith Ministries, Katie
served two and a half years as Church Administrator and Director of
Operations for Liberty United Methodist Church in Liberty, Missouri. As
Development Director at Hope Faith Ministries Katie’s role is to build
sustainable faith and support for its mission and ministry through
resources and partnerships with churches, businesses, individuals, civic
groups, and charitable foundations. Katie believes in empowering and
equipping those living in homelessness and poverty so that they may find
the self-respect and self-confidence necessary to become self-sufficient.

Alfredo Palacol
Grants Coordinator
alfredo@hopefaithministries.org 816.471.4673 ext. 326

Alfredo oversees grants, proposals, and identifying funding and resource opportunities to support programs and services at Hope Faith Ministries. Additionally, he supports development efforts by managing external communications, social media, community outreach, and marketing/promotions.
Alfredo is passionate about education and the impact it has to transform individuals and communities. With previous experience working with education non-profits, Alfredo spearheads new educational programs and partnerships at HFM to meet the diverse backgrounds and needs of clients.
As a member of the HFM team, Alfredo enjoys collaborating to develop new solutions to empower Kansas City's homeless and at-risk individuals and families.

Teianna Cooper

Client Services Coordinator      

teianna@hopefaithministries.org   816.471.4673 ext. 315

Teianna Cooper holds a Bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in Public Administration with extensive graduate hours in Psychology from the University of Phoenix.  Teianna has spent her entire career providing case management and direct community services having dedicated many years of service to Domestic Violence, Mental Health, HIV/AIDS, and Homelessness. In 2015, she was awarded the Lucille V. Jackson and Charlestine Scroggins Distinguished Service Award from Friends of Yates, for her work in domestic violence care and prevention. Teianna is a member of the Concerned Clergy of Kansas City which works to address disparities and violence within the urban community. Teianna currently serves as liaison for Taking It to the Pews, a HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention initiative associated with the Concerned Clergy, Kansas City Health Department, and University of Missouri Kansas City, to increase engagement and testing in the African American church communities.

Tyrone Watkins

Transitional Internship Program (TIP) Coordinator      

tyrone@hopefaithministries.org   816.471.4673 ext. 312

Tyrone comes to us with 24 years of experience in the Non-profit field.  Tyrone earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree (Criminal Justice) from Kansas State University in 1992. Tyrone has always focused on providing direct services to those who have been stricken with poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, housing, HIV/AIDS, offenders as well as employment.

As a Lead Case Manager with the TANF population, Tyrone accomplished his goal of getting a 70% success rate in getting TANF recipients compliant with the state of Missouri.

His leadership, his passion, his connection with consumers as well as his knowledge of community resources has allowed him to become very successful in getting his clients to become self-sufficient. Tyrone believes in providing support in order for others to accomplish their short and long term goals and becoming self-sufficient.

Our Board of Directors


Matt Miller, President

Eric Keller, Vice President

Paul Zak, Treasurer

Sandra Ratterman, Secretary

Jon Carpenter

Mike Cillessen

Mark McCullough

Bill Stueck

Steve Toomey

Cheryl Sanders


President, Robert E. Miller Insurance 

Principal Project Manager, Cargill

CEO, America's Call Center

Vice President, Hope in the Streets

Territory Representative, Actavis Pharmaceuticals

CEO, C&C Group

Managing Principal, Boulevard Financial

CEO, Suburban Lawn & Garden

Principal, BKD Wealth Advisors